Paniala is a Town located in the north of district D.I. Khan of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwaabout 55 km away from D I Khan and approx 300 Km from provincial capital Peshawar. The Link Road (also known as Gilloti Road) from main Peshawar Road that connects with Paniala is of about 18 km.

The name “Paniala” originated from “Panjh Naala” means 5 Naalas stemming from “OOBO SIR” (in Pashto) means “head of water” and then combines into one form.

The water is then supplied to whole of the village and nearby towns for feeding and cultivating the fields. And then from passage of time the name Panjh Naala changed in to “Paniala”.

Somebodies says that Paniala originated from "Pan Naala" means Paani ka naala. "Stream of Water".

The green grassland comprises sandy area and a population of 120,000 citizens. The inhabitant comprises Marwats, Khels, Hashmis and Qureshis. Local language spoken is Pashto with soft and sweet dialect. The prominent shrine of Haji Baba and two important grave of Sahabis (RA) are also situated.

Famous fruits of the town are Mangoes and Dates. “Dhakki” is one of the famous and delicious amongst all dates and is a major part of export.

Langra Aam of Paniala is most papular in all over the country. There are much varities of mangoes, Langra, chaunsa Sufaid, Chaunsa Kala, Chaunsa Samar Bahisht, Tota Pari, Dusairy, Ratol, Malda, Sunglakhi, Fajri, Benazir, Kewra Cent, Fajri long etc. Like mangoes, there are much varities of dates, Azaadi, Dhaki, Basra, Shakri, Alami Chuwara, Chope, Gulistan, Sarkari, Ghlo Bachiya, Dera Wala, Bera Wala, Zarmohra etc.

The famous nearby picnic spot is the mountainous hilly region of Sheikh Badin that comprises lush green forest, an old nonfunctioning post office and police station of British time.


The main tribe is the BLUCH and its subtribes are: Siraj Khel, Malana, Mehmood Khel, Mala Khel, Mansoor Khel , Hassan Khel, Madda Khel, Masti Khel, Qalander Khel, Shadi Khel, Dhedi, Mumrez Khel, karaki Khel, Sangher khel, Syed, Mada Khel, Changa Khel, Quresh, Utta Khel, Sharbi Khel, Merwan Khel, Sharqi Khel, Mehmand,Zargar(Kundi), sheikh and Salemi Khel etc.Actually, all these tribes are the extensions of Marwat Tribes.


Paniala town is facilitated with a government hospital, a Degree College for male and high schools for both male and female. There are Three Public High Schools, Al-Hira Model High School, Pakistan Campus High School, Muslim Public High School. There are 3 Primary school for boys and 3 Primary School for girls. A Post Office, A bank (Habib Bank Paniala Limited), An Agriculture Office and lari ada are also in Paniala. There is one foot ball stadium in paniala.  A Computer Learning Centre is also in Paniala with the name of Hamza Computers Paniala. it is working since 2002. More than 300 students had learnt MS Office, Operating Systems, Graphics Designing and much more. There are 5 telecommunication networks working in Paniala. i)PTCL ii)Telenor iii)Mobilink iv)Zong v/fone A Fruit market (Mandi) is also in the town. Dranage System of Paniala is very good.


The town has many scenic places in the surrounding peaks and the town is also famous for the Shrine of Haji Baba. Mazarate Saadat and mansoor khel's are at the top of a little mountain. Kot Ghundi is also a place form where a greatest scene of Paniala can be looked. Toy is a place where young, old and little kids play after noon daily. Ubo Sar is a place from where water are flowing beside the town. Kach Jaroba Sagi Kot Ghundi, Hasini Wala, Tora Ghundi, Speenay Ghari, Jalar, Pahle, are best places for photography. Paniala town is surrounded by layers of mango and date farms, these gardens are irrigated through natural streams called Karez. The inhabitants of Paniala have large land holdings in the area, which is arid.


Javed Akbar Khan, the former MPA of KPK, is one of the prominent person of the town. Haji Fazal Rahim Sheikh, Bashir Ahmad, Muhammad Anwar Latif, Muhammad Hamayoun Khan, Pir  Nooran Shah, Mumtaz Shadi Khel, Muhammad Pervez Khan, Hakeem Khan SHO (Rtd), are also the prominent persons of the town.